Datasheet Redesign

Datasheet Redesign The problem: Tektronix datasheet document pages struggle with several usability issues. Overall the pages were found to be confusing and unorganized. User can’t distinguish between primary and secondary call-to-action buttons. This content feels disjointed from the rest. Having vertical tabs on left results in a lot of white space on the left side … Read More

Product Support Redesign

Product Support Redesign Our support hub page was outdated and underserving our customers. I worked on a cross-functional team at Tektronix to explore new designs. Experiment goal: Reorganize the support page to allow users to self-serve support needs. The team hypothesized that these changes would reduce the number of technical support requests and increase quality … Read More

Master Email Template

Master Marketing Email Template There are several steps that go into creating an email campaign. The last thing you need is for the email creation process to slow you down. This is what precisely was happening to our email marketing team members. An email template upgrade was in our plans and it would be our … Read More

Brand Campaign

Brand Campaign Client: Tektronix Role: Prototyping and Email Template Development Tools: HTML, CSS, Marketo and Photoshop